Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Puzzle Lamp

Made from 30 interlocking quadrilaterals and attached to a standard socket and power cord, the Puzzle Lamp reminds me a bit of the $225 Mokusei Light (below).

In fact, I don't see why you couldn't trace the shapes of the Etsy kit's white PVC pieces onto sheets of wood veneer -- or just about any alternate material of your choice -- and then carefully cut them out and use those instead.

The unassembled Puzzle Lamp is $30 plus shipping right here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for you beautiful Esty find. Sometimes I just can't believe how much 'design' you can get for $30US. Lolita

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for adding the Puzzle Lamp to your Blog, Leah!

The link itself is no longer valid but I will be making some more lamps available on Etsy today.You can check for lamp availabilitiy here:


Thanks once again,

Maddigliana :-)

Anonymous said...

Is this the same pattern you can get from a recent Ready Made magazine??? Looks like it.

Links are on there to get the pattern.

Ashley said...

I think this one looks a little different from the Readymade pattern. I'm wondering too if it could be cut from wood veneer. Anybody know? I'd love to try.


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