Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cool Stuff: Marimekko Spring Fabrics

It's not feeling much like spring around here, but of course the design world is always several months ahead of the rest of us.

Finnish fabric giant Marimekko just released its new spring fabrics (like Keisarinna, above), which will inject a bit of sunshine into these dark and dreary days and perhaps spur plans for some spring sewing projects. (Speaking of which, I just signed up for a sewing class! I am so making new throw pillows for the couch.)

My faves from the spring collection (most of these patterns are available in several colorways):

Dadel bright, $125 per panel, and Kevatjuhla green, $70 per panel

Kaakaopuu pink and Palma yellow, both $42 a yard

Ruusupuu blue and Kirsikka black, both $42 a yard

Matkalla green/pink and Pelimanni blue, both $42 a yard

And these new patterns and colorways aren't available yet, but will be soon.

See the entire Marimekko spring line at Textile Arts.

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