Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Artful Home: Advice to Sink in Slowly

Advice to Sink in Slowly, a collection of "educational" posters designed by graduates of England's University College Falmouth for the school's incoming students, is so great.

If only we'd been lucky enough to learn these lessons at 18. (In fact, I'm still working on a few of them.)

Be Yourself, by Jane Laurie, and Show Some Guts, by Luke Tonge

Face Your Fears, Smile & Live Dangerously, by Silje Camilla Helleson, and Try Everything, by Mark Agnew

Trust Your Gut Instincts, by Carys Williams, and Keep Looking for a Way In, by Dave Bain

Work Hard, Make Beautiful Things, by Micheal Robinson, and Work Hard. Play Hard. Create Something Amazing., by Sixixis

Collaborate, by Caris Williams, and Use Your Library, by Rebecca Cobb

Ask More Questions, by Russell Hancock, and Let Go of What You Think You Know, by David Plant

Be Patient and Take Time, both by Temujin Doran

Even better? The 12-by-17-inch posters are just 5 pounds (about $10) each, and every order comes with a free copy of the print above, by David Mathews and Temujin Doran

Check out all of the Advice to Sink in Slowly posters right here.

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