Monday, January 7, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Danish Modern Chairs

Granted, the faded Eighties-era fabric is beyond fugly -- but these classic midcentury modern chairs have potential written all over them.

The seller claims that the bentwood clamshell chairs, which retain their original "Kodawood of Miami" tags, were designed by Danish icon Finn Juhl, whose furniture regularly fetches hundreds and even thousands of dollars at auction and from high-end dealers.

With the seats and backrests recovered in a poppy graphic print, you'll have some super-stylish -- and possibly valuable -- seating on your hands.

Current bid: $10 for the pair

Update: Two readers have called into question the seller's assertion that these chairs were designed by Finn Juhl. So, as always, let the buyer beware.

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Anonymous said...

Those are not Finn Juhl chairs. They are certainly influenced by his designs, but he didn't design those. he didn't do any designing for that company; plus you can tell that they lack the grace of his chairs.

Anonymous said...

Only one American company produced Finn Juhl furniture: Baker. All the other manufacturers of his designs were Danish.

On eBay, EVERYone selling Danish Modern claims their stuff is by "Finn Juhl" or "Hans Wegner." Most are wrong. Buyer beware.

For more information, look for the book:
Finn Juhl (Hardcover)
by Esbjørn Hjort
Danish Architectural Press, 2001
(unavailable new; check used-book stores)

Unknown said...

You always find some fun eBay things, you must LIVE on eBay!!!

Sadly though, I am getting really tired of MCM design as it's saturated the market and I don't want to see another teak anything for a really long time. :)

I'm already thinking of selling my teak credenza from Sweden... I don't know, I wasn't 100% on the trendwagon with this when it started but now after a few years of seeing everyone with the same chairs, the same credenza, the same tulip table, I'm starting to lose my mind.

Unfortunately, most of my furniture is this style because it's the one time that I allowed myself to jump on board a trend and now I'm regretting all the money I spent!!!

Anonymous said...

The often-seen Kodawood chairs may be influenced by Juhl, but they are a very direct knock-off of shell chairs designed by Elias Barup. I've only seen them on the web, but the detailing is phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person is tired by Danish designed chairs...peeps need to know the danes didn't design a lot of the stuff they claim. G-plan is a perfect example, Wels folding chair 1928.

Kodawood was designed by s.j. wiener 1960. He states he was perfecting the upholstery attachment to the chair..back at you danes who have been doing the same thing for years.


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