Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things I Hella Love About Oakland: Point Isabel

OK, I should clarify: One of the things I hella love about Oakland is that, sans traffic, it's 10 minutes from Point Isabel, which is actually in Richmond. But let's not split hairs.

We took Bonnie for a long walk there on New Year's Day and I swear, you have never seen a happier little pooch.

This 23-acre bayside park is the largest public off-leash area for dogs in the United States. There are grassy hills to chase balls across and paved, level walking paths and bike trails for their humans.

And let's not forget Mudpuppy's, a "doggie spa" and retail shop, and the Sit & Stay Cafe, the dog-friendly eatery on the grounds. From a canine point of view, Point Isabel is pretty much heaven on earth.

It wasn't the brightest or clearest afternoon, but on a crisp, sunny day, I'm sure the views that sweep from the Bay Bridge and across San Francisco to the Golden Gate and the Marin headlands would make me weep.

Of course, the actual shoreline was off-limits due to the 58,000-gallon oil spill in the Bay in November. (Nice going there, Cosco Busan.)

Anyway, I'm glad that three years after adopting the dang dog, we finally got our act together to put her in the car and explore Point Isabel.

Now that we have, I know we'll be back often.

P.S. Someone please tell me that 13 is easier than 12 has been. Please.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Pt Isobel amazing? We shlep from Oaktown all the time. If you go early enough in the AM, the 80 is almost bearable.
My 12 is about to hit 13 and all I have to say is I think we're doomed for a few more years.

Anonymous said...

one more place to visit on my list.
You get to pity from me: mine is 15!

Anonymous said...

i meant; you get no pity...

deerseason87 said...

We are lucky enough to live just a minute away from the Point and go there all the time! Seymour loves to swim in the bay, and we haven't been able to go as much lately because it's hard to keep him out, but I love the place so much.

Anonymous said...

Leah, good news is they start to become human again around 18. I have an 18 and a 3-year old. Hang in there!


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