Monday, January 28, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: molldoll

I just spotted the image above in a post about equine decor on Girl Meets Glamour, one of my daily must-reads. The minute I saw it, I had to drop everything to rush right over to take a closer look at the artist's Etsy shop, where I was blown away.

molldoll (no real name given) is based in sunny Florida, though she claims to have been "raised by coyotes on the western plains of South Dakota," and her work bears the unmistakable imprint of that beautiful but mournful place. The original monoprint drypoint etchings and mixed-media collages are beautifully rendered in shades of sepia and dusky blue, and have a haunting quality that I'm finding hard to shake.

My favorites:

Sleep Debt, $66

A Tall Order for Science, $29

Attentuation, $111

Jack Rabbit, $57

Obscura, $66

See all of molldoll's Etsy offerings right here.


girl meets glamour said...

Beautiful work isn't it!! Thanks for the shout out Leah :)


mully said...

i am thrilled you found so many favorites! Thank you for posting them.


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