Friday, January 25, 2008

Over and Out

Photo by flickr member La Maison du Héron

Have an awesome weekend, y'all.


Unknown said...

dear bonnie and leah-

i was recently tagged by all things bright and beautiful to reveal 7 things about myself via guest blog on my dad's blog, maison21:

in turn i have to then tag seven other bloggers to do the same, so i've tagged bonnie.

my dad apologizes and says he totally understands if you don't want to participate in this blog version of a chain letter, but i thinks it sounds like fun!



Leah said...

Dear Mona,

My mom says I can play tag with you, but that I can't bore her non-canine-loving readers -- so I have to post my list here, and not on her stupid blog's "front page."

OK, here goes:

1. I LOVE to eat. I will eat *anything* -- and I do mean anything. (Like you, though, I'm not crazy about lettuce.)

2. I have been told (by a human who raises stuck-up "show corgis") that I am overweight. I think she was just jealous of my womanly figure -- *her* stupid dogs looked emaciated to me.

3. It is impossible for me to lose weight. After the show-dog lady said the mean thing, my mom increased my walks and put me on this awful diet food. To get her back, I *gained* 2 pounds.

4. I love cat poop. When my mom isn't looking, I sneak it out of the litter box and chomp it right up. I call it "kitty snacks." But it's a secret -- just between you and me, OK Mona?

5. I have two human siblings. I was supposed to belong to the boy human, but somehow I sort of became his mom's. I also have a little sister, a gray kitten named Charcoal. I love to chase Charcoal around and around the house for hours. Sometimes, she even plays along! I also have a big brother, a fat old black cat named Louie, who never, ever plays with me. I hate him.

6. I once went to a "corgi faire" -- and let me tell you, 100+ corgis in one place is a sight to see. There were even some with big, bushy tails, like foxes! But the whole thing kind of weirded me out -- I don't know, I guess I felt threatened by all those haughty show bitches or something. I was a very bad girl, barking and growing at those stuck-up corgis, and my humans had to leave.

7. When our doorbell rings, I bark ferociously and sound really scary (since I don't have any sheep or cows to herd, I've decided that I will be a guard dog instead). But when my humans open the door, I roll on my back and whine for the visitor to rub my belly. It doesn't matter if it's the mail carrier or a friend or someone trying to sell encyclopedias -- they are not allowed to leave until they rub my belly. My mom says that I would be good at scaring away would-be intruders, but that if they ever actually got into the house, I'd just roll over and wait for them to rub my belly. I don't get what the problem is with that.

Bonus: I might have mentioned this already, but cat poop: Yum!

I'm not going to tag anyone, because none of my four-legged friends even *have* blogs, but you can see some random facts about my mom here:



The Smart One said...

Not so much to say, not so much going on, but that picture caught my eye...merry weekend to you too.

The Smart One said...

(that was from Zoe, I changed my blogger identity)


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