Friday, January 18, 2008

Objects of Lust: Kay Bojesen Wood Toys

Call me crazy, but $1,300 seems kind of outrageous for a simple wooden toy monkey -- even one that measures an impressive 24 inches tall, that was crafted in Denmark of solid teak and limba, and that's been a design classic since creator Kay Bojesen introduced it more than 55 years ago.

Still, I want it.

I guess I could settle for the smaller version -- a relative bargain at $140.

But I think it'll need this wooden elephant, $175, to keep it company.

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Mary Gwen Padgett Clasen said...

Keep the faith! I found the elephant at a (I kid you not) WHITE ELEPHANT sale in Oakland Calif. for 2 dolllars and 50 cents! It can happen!


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