Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Reads: Project RunGay

Confession: I could care less about fashion.

That might sound strange coming from someone who hyperventilates over things like paint colors and the exact placement of the painstakingly procured accessories on my coffee table. But, y'know, I have two kids. I work from home. We never go anywhere worth getting dressed up for. And, let's just be honest here: Skinny is but a fond memory. (Or, as my offspring take great delight in reminding me -- as often as they possibly can -- my ass is "the size of the sun.")

Basically, I live in sweats. Maybe if something is a really big deal, I might pull on a pair of jeans and put something other than my trusty flip-flops on my feet for the occasion (but I'll wear the flip-flops if I think I can get away with it). Seriously -- give me $100 and a half-hour at Old Navy, and I'm pretty much set for the season. Sartorially speaking, I am a horror show. (Does that shock you? Don't hate me because I'm a slob ... )

So why, you might ask, do I eagerly await the latest episode of Project Runway every Wednesday night?

Two words: Project RunGay.

It's true. I'm not big on TV in general, and am even less-keen on reality shows. But I tune in to the wildly popular Bravo fashion competition for one reason and one reason only: So I can then read the wickedly hilarious blog devoted to it. (OK, fine -- two reasons: So I can read Project RunGay, and so I can coldly declare "You are OUT" every chance I get, in ode to a certain steely Teutonic blonde.)

I didn't even bother to watch the previous seasons until I discovered PRG, and then I went back and Tivoed the repeats just so I would have a point of reference for the catty commentary that blog authors Tom and Lorenzo (TLo to devotees) gleefully dish up every week.

Because, OK -- working from home can get a little lonely sometimes. I miss the proverbial water-cooler banter. I miss the funny, bitchy repartee from the office's resident 'mos. Plus, Tom and Lorenzo are really freakin' funny. Brilliantly, geniusly funny. And mean -- but in an endearing way.

I reality, I am nowhere near as fabulous as I would need to be to qualify as this longtime couple's devoted fruitfly. (Besides, that distinction is reserved for Season 3's elegant Laura Bennett, who's been known to have TLo over to her mindblowingly ginormous Manhattan loft for intimate little soirees and such.)

But in this fantasy world otherwise known as the blogosphere, I can log on and pretend that we're BFFs and that I'm chuckling into my martini during our weekly PR viewing party while TLo call me "Kitten" and toss out one scathing bon mot after another, dissing Golden Boy's tiresome draping fetish; dubbing Princess Puffysleeves "a hyperactive hamster on meth"; sticking up for poor, sweet, underappreciated Sissy Bear; mocking VictorYA's delusions of grandeur; and noting Buellerbot 3000's total lack of facial expression.

In actuality, I'm sitting in front of the computer in my pajamas the morning after, ignoring both my whining kids and the work I really should be doing, choking on my coffee and wiping away tears as I read. But whatever -- insignificant details.

Which is all just a really long-winded way of saying this: TLo, I think I love you.

Check out Project RunGay right here -- and don't miss TLo's other brilliant (though currently woefully neglected) blog, Tom & Lorenzo. (Guys, please tell me you'll be dusting off Project: Top Design and the Shear Genius thread on T&L when the sophomore seasons of those shows hit the airwaves. Please.)


TLo said...

Hi darling,

WOW! What can we say? Thank you so much for your kind words. We're so glad you like the blog. Keep in touch!


kelly said...

HAHAHAHA!! Thanks for turning me on to Project RunGay! I'm a few weeks behind on the show, but now I want to hurry and catch up so I can see what they have to say next. Hee hee.

Thank god for the internet!

SGM said...

Oh! Thanks for turning me on to this hilarious site! I love how they described Ricky's dress as a Bebe sale rack item. Too true.

Kelleigh said...

I actually like to watch that show. I started watching when I heard about it on a DIY site, I wear jeans and a t-shirt to school everyday with my favorite pair of chucks, I'm not into fashion at all but I do find the show intresting and hilarious.
Love your blog-


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