Friday, January 25, 2008

Cool Stuff: "Seven Deadly Sins" Schwag

Love it. The vintage x-base ottoman, reupholstered in Jonathan Adler's "Sins" fabric, is $500 from Turquoise.

And you could hang these on the wall above. The set of seven "vandalized vintage" china plates is $125 from Etsy seller trixie delicious.


Kelly said...

I own one of Trixie's plates that says "kOOK" and she is just amazing.

katiedid said...

You always find the funnest stuff! I heart those plates.

Jen Renninger said...

These plates are some of my favorite things!

girl meets glamour said...

Now I would get those plates for sure!


Sara Christine said...

These are HILARIOUS! Kind of like the Twelve Days of Christmas motif that was so popular this holiday season. But more ridiculously awesome. Thanks for posting!


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