Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Double Take: Urban Outfitters and Clarence House

Gee, this Flowering Branch Bedspread, $34 at Urban Outfitters, looks a little familiar, eh?

Photo: Gemma Comas for Domino

Hmmm ... does it maybe remind you a tiny bit of Kazumi Yoshida's Flowering Quince wallpaper for Clarence House?

I'm just sayin'.


Unknown said...

for $24.00, i'll take the urban outfitters, and pretend!

good eye!

Anonymous said...

Little dizzying as wall paper, but wonderful as a bed spread.

Anonymous said...

i have a very similar pattern I found about a year and a half ago that I made an adorable dog bed out of... it's not that unusual of a pattern... and one that I just love! So it's nice to see it in many incarnations.


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