Monday, January 14, 2008

That's Random: Rent This Movie

The film itself -- about an Irish busker (played by the Frames' frontman Glen Hansard) and a young Czech immigrant (pianist Marketa Irglova) whose love story is told through the music they create together -- is charming. But the achingly beautiful songs by the stars (and real-life lovers) elevates Once to a must-see.

In fact, after seeing the movie I couldn't even wait to hit one of our local music stores. I just downloaded the entire, heartbreaking soundtrack on iTunes and have had it on replay ever since.

Seriously -- put Once in your Netflix queue, and check out some of the music from the movie right here:

P.S. I promise that I'm not on the payroll at Fox Searchlight, Columbia Records, iTunes, or Netflix.


Anonymous said...

as i was walking through my local walmart (curse me for shopping there, i know), i came across a display for this movie and thought to myself, "how could a movie that looks so awesome have slipped my attention until now?"

i can't wait to see it. and after watching the music video you posted, i also immediately downloaded the album. my kind of music. if the movie's as good as the music, i'm in for a treat.

great post.

Anonymous said...

Add another thumbs up for this film. I saw it with my now-girlfriend on our 3rd date based on a recommendation from a friend. As my friend said, it's a guaranteed makeout session if you take a woman to see this film. I loved the film & the music as well as did my girlfriend, but I didn't understand the ending until she explained it to me.

Another great film along the same lines is August Rush.

Anonymous said...

This movie is great -- and the two "stars"/musicians tour with their band called The Swell Season. I saw them play at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland and it was incredible.

Tara said...

I watched this movie today with my teenage daughter who had the flu! It was beautiful and the songs are just "grand" as the Irish would say!

Katie said...

Loved this movie! Loved it!! So nice to see Glen Hansard again. Crazy that he's only been in this movie and The Commitments!

Are they really real-life lovers? I watched the extras and the impression I got from the interviews was that they were only friends. There was no mention of any hanky-panky. Ha!

Katie said...

Okay, I couldn't wait and had to do a little searching and they are now a couple. Thanks entertainment weekly! I'm such a geek! Ha!

Cardboard said...

Actually, the past between these two musicians/actors/love bunnies, is rather special. Porcelain found more about it HERE.

Anonymous said...

Glen & Marketa won last night--totally awesome!


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