Monday, January 14, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Karen Miller Collage

I'm really enjoying these pieces (such as Reflection, above) by welder, woodworker, sculptor, and collage artist Karen Miller.

Her collages are described as "simulated wood and industrial decay in a Southern setting," which help Miller work out her cynical side -- as well as express an "unhealthy fascination for wood, faux or otherwise" thanks to "the wood sheet paneling in my childhood bedroom that burned a woodgrain impression on my brain."

I like their jaundiced but still somehow affectionate take on the postwar American dream. Call them subversive odes to suburbia, if you will.

Louisiana VW

Louisiana Moonlight Cadillac

The Family Car

Each original, framed, 8-by-10-inch collage is $50. Check out all of Miller's Etsy offerings right here.

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Anonymous said...

this stuff is awesome!


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