Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cool Stuff: Use UK Lampshades

I'm such a sucker for a graphic, patterned lampshade -- so it's no surprise that I'm loving the shades from Use UK. (Above: Chrysanthemum.)

Each eco-friendly shade is constructed from 100-percent recycled cardboard, and printed with a vibrant, limited-edition pattern.

The shades are made by special order in a variety of sizes and colorways, which range from 32 pounds sterling (about $64) to 71 pounds ($142). Take a look:

Damask Bold


Taj Oblong

Clockwise: Taj, Rose, Wave

The company also has a sample sale area with half-price bargains on shades used for photo shoots, trade shows, and the like.

Clockwise from top left: Regency, 36 pounds ($72); 30's Flower, 19 pounds ($38); Damask Bold, 18 pounds ($36); Spring Stripe, 23 pounds ($46)

(Note: The shades come with standard British bulb holders, but I bought a few lampshades on our most recent trip to London and got them to work with our U.S. lamps without too much trouble.)

See all of Use UK's offerings -- which also include repurposed-fabric throw pillows, soy candles, and recycled wall art -- right here.

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Crystal Mark said...

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this site. Not only do you and I share a passion for writing and for home decor, you piqued my curiosity and I started TWO of my own blogspots.
I wanted to thank you for the piece of the Lampshades - You have no idea the dilemma I have been having in finding shades for these vintage lamps. Thx.


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