Monday, January 14, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Thomas Paul Plates

One of the things I like about eBay -- and that not everyone realizes -- is that you can find a lot more than just used and vintage items there.

In fact, there are thousands of eBay sellers unloading brand-new, name-brand products, often at a fraction of the original retail prices. (Many live near outlet stores and make a living selling their finds on eBay; others seem to have some sort of inside track on company overstock.)

Take this melamine Matryoshka platter and matching dessert plates from designer Thomas Paul's popular Folk collection. With "Buy It Now," the platter is $15 and the plate set is $24.

(Psst -- the seller also has a bunch of Jonathan Adler stuff.)


beachgrl said...

Thanks so much on the ebay seller tip! I just bought two pillow covers and two melamine platters. Do you know of other ebay sellers with name brand great finds?

Leah said...

Hi beachgrl,

There are too many to list -- literally hundreds, each specializing in different labels.

Just search by the name of the brands you're looking for, and you'll start seeing certain sellers popping up over and over again.

You can also search eBay Stores:

More eBay buying tips here:,,HGTV_22056_46903,00.html



Anonymous said...

I found your blog while searching for lighting fixtures and love it! I've added it to my blogroll on my own blog and plan on visiting often!

Leah said...

Thanks so much, Paul!


beachgrl said...

Thanks for the great tips Leah!

Anonymous said...

oooh, you made my day with these plates! I posted about them ages ago. Thanks!!!


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