Friday, January 25, 2008

Cool Stuff: Street Sign Tables

A simple and clever idea to steal: The UK's Cockney Design has created a line of tables from repurposed, circa-1960s and -'70s London street signs. The tables sell for 159 pounds sterling, or about $318.

I think it'd be relatively easy to do something similar on your own. Those legs, for instance, look suspiciously like IKEA's steel Vika Fintorp table legs ($7.50 to $10 each) to me.

You could buy a set of those -- in either the shorter coffee table height or the longer dining/console/work table height -- and then hunt for a cool vintage street or business sign at your local salvage yard. Spray-paint the legs to match your sign and have a welding shop fuse it all together, and you'll own a functional and totally unique conversation piece.

(Via Retro to Go.)


Kelly said...

really clever idea. i'm loving the mix of the clean type with the more ornate legs.

Anonymous said...

great idea!

Jen Renninger said...

What a great idea!


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