Monday, June 18, 2007

Cool Stuff: Clarissa Hulse Textiles

When we were in London this spring, I fell in love with textile designer Clarissa Hulse's dreamy products, which I spotted in chic U.K. home-decor shops like Heals and Aria.

Hulse makes gorgeous, ethereal lampshades, pillows, throws, wallpaper, and notebooks featuring delicate botanical silhouettes screen- or hand-printed onto colorful silk or linen backgrounds.

Granted, Hulse's designs are not cheap -- especially when you factor in the pounds-to-dollars exchange rate and overseas shipping. (Prices start at 15 pounds sterling -- roughly $30 -- for notebooks and go up to 395 pounds -- $790 -- for throws.) But they would literally make the room, so I think they're worthy of the splurge.

If your budget is tight (and whose isn't?), don't miss the Clarissa Hulse Sale Shop, with last season's stock discounted up to 75 percent. Sale pillows start at 17 pounds ($34); lampshades at 39 pounds ($78); and throws at 99 pounds ($198).

Some of the Clarissa Hulse designs I'm drooling over:

Top: Judas Tree/Sea Holly Reversible Cushion, 39 pounds ($78); middle: Dock Leaf Cushion, 69 pounds ($138); bottom: Twig & Anise Demi-Patchwork Cushion, 59 pounds ($118)

Top left: Judas Tree Shade, 65 pounds ($130); top right: Fireweed Shade, 89 pounds ($178); bottom left: Patchwork Shade, 199 pounds ($398); bottom right: Willow Herb Shade, 95 pounds ($190)

Above: Wingnut Tree Padded Throw, 215 pounds ($430)

Top left: Dragonfly Wallpaper; top right: Leaves Wallpaper; bottom left: Briar Wallpaper; bottom right: Wingnut Wallpaper, all 45 pounds ($90) per roll

Left: Ice/Orchid Notebook; center: Pewter/Aqua Notebook; right: Sweet Pea/Hot Pink Notebook, all 15 pounds ($30) each

Check out Clarissa Hulse's entire product line here.

(P.S. Stateside, Hulse's products are stocked at NYC's sublime ABC Carpet & Home. If anyone's aware of a U.S.-based online source, please let me know!)

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girl meets glamour said...

Love all these prints. I will be checking out Clarissa Hulse sale...thanks!!


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