Monday, June 25, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Blanc de Chine Guanyin Lamps

See that cool Asian lamp on Nancy Drew's bedside table, below? I went on a hunt for something similar on eBay this morning, and bingo!

This pair of Blanc de Chine Guanyin figural lamps stand an impressive 20 inches tall. (FYI: Blanc de Chine is French for -- you guessed it -- white Chinese porcelain, and Guanyin is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.)

They're not in perfect shape (one of the figures is missing her thumb, and the other has a glued repair near the base). But they still cut striking figures and would look great with a set of flared pagoda-style shades in the color of your choice.

Current bid: $35 for the pair.


girl meets glamour said...

I love these! I my just have to bid on them. Thanks Leah!

Style Court said...

Cool find Leah!

Anonymous said...

I just saw these (White while looking for lamps. I assume they are long gone. If not I would love to talk to you about them!


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