Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cool Stuff: The MacBeth Collection

Who says storage can't be pretty? With the MacBeth Collection's bright buckets, bins, totes, and trays, your most mundane household supplies can be stored in style.

Just pick your receptacle (the company offers everything from mini votive holders to gigantic tubs), choose from the Collection's dozens of playful, candy-colored patterns, and decide if you want an optional monogram ($10) or icon ($5) added to your design.

Whether you keep Q-Tips, fresh flowers, iced brewskis, or even trash in yours, it'll bring a bit of girly summer style to your abode.

Vases, $35 to $62 each.

Tote along, $42.

Tubs, $30 to $75.

Trays, $30 to $68.

Pitcher, $70.

Waste baskets, $52 each.

Bins, $25 to $85 each.

Buckets, $12 to $50.

Mail pockets, $48 each.

Tool caddy, $48.


girl meets glamour said...

I love them all, esp the mail pockets! Thanks for posting your finds.

katiedid said...

These are great! You find such fun stuff.

Leah said...

Thanks you two! It's nice to be able to have something to legitimize what would otherwise be considered a serious internet and shopping addiction ...



P.S. Enjoying both of your blogs, too!


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