Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Objects of Lust: New at IKEA UK

I guess I have England on the brain today.

In addition to spending hours ogling the goodies from British textile designer Clarissa Hulse and dragging my poor, arthouse-movie-loving husband to the Brit horror flick 28 Weeks Later (hey, I like a good zombie movie as much as the next girl), I found myself surfing around this evening on IKEA's UK site. (And I wonder why I don't get any work done.)

There I found a lot of the same old, same old we have here -- but then I stumbled upon some very cool new seating that we don't:

I LOVE the aqua color of this Hamra Chaise (475 pounds, or about $950). And the shape is so totally early-Sixties' psychiatrist's office, don't you think?

Doesn't this Karlstad Chair (245 pounds, or $490) remind you a bit of the (nearly $3,000) Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair?

And this Tirup Swivel Chair (215 pounds, or $430)? Also super cute.

I have my fingers crossed that these are coming soon to a Swedish superstore near me (and at more attainable prices than the exchange-rate'll-get-ya-every-time ones listed here). But in the meantime, I'll be lusting after them from afar.

Oh, and I found a couple of new things that I was delighted to discover are available in the U.S. as well:

I might just have to get this adorable Bastis Krona Dog and Cat Bed ($70) for my beloved Welsh Corgi, Bonnie. The little chin rest kills me.

And how awesome are these Vika Fintorp Table Legs ($7.50 to 10 each)? I think they'd look great paired with a glossy black Vika Grevsta Table Top ($70) -- sort of a downmarket version of John Reeves' 995 pound ($1,990) inside-out baroque Louis Table from Heals.

Anyway, I think I know where I'll be tomorrow ...


girl meets glamour said...

I've always wanted to live in the UK and now a even better reason :) I am in love iwht those table legs...I wonder what shipping would cost, too much I'm sure. Thanks for info!

modmom said...

love the orange karlstad chair!


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