Tuesday, June 19, 2007

House in Progress: Presto Chango

Nick and I have been hunting for a Danish teak credenza forever (on eBay and craigslist, and in what seems like every vintage store for miles around). But we could never find one locally with the exact look or the dimensions we were after or that wasn't way out of our budget.

I did spot some nice ones on eBay, but they always got bid up into the stratosphere -- and they all seemed to be located in Maine, Rhode Island, or some other distant province from which freighting would have cost more than the credenza itself.

Finally, though, the exact credenza we'd been dreaming about showed up on eBay, and it was local! We bid, won (it wasn't the total steal we'd been holding out for, but the price was very fair), and picked up our new credenza today.

(By the way, the seller has a great little shop called I Spy Vintage Decor & More on Market Street in San Francisco; I took a bunch of pictures of her other wares that I'll post here soon.)

I thought it might be fun to share "before" and "after" pix with you all, so here's the credenza in its new home. I think it's just right for this spot in our living room. What do you think?

(In case you're wondering what the heck else is going on with the room, the color scheme is sort of in transition. I got sick of the red and have been migrating in some lime green, but it hasn't all quite come together yet. The rather generic red-coral art is all wrong, for instance, as is the traditional red-and-camel area rug -- but I haven't yet figured out what to do instead. In fact, our entire aesthetic is sort of in transition right now, so the room probably looks a little schizophrenic. It's very much a work in progress, so if anyone out there has any suggestions, I'm all ears ... )


dana said...

I love the first pic posted, the room looks amazing in that photo! I love your coffee/cocktail table, if you don't mind my asking where ever did you find such a lovely piece?

deidre joyner said...

I love the credenza! I would love to see you place and see your "transition."


Porcelain said...

Love the credenza!!! It looks great!!!

katiedid said...

Lucky you! Looks great! Can't tell completely from the pic, but looks like light green walls? Maybe throw some aqua in there. So much fun to redo stuff.

casacaudill said...

What a beautiful room! I hear you on the decor schizophrenia - our house is going through the same thing.


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