Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Stuff: Sarah Finn's Lasercut Designs

I just spotted this really lovely and intricate lasercut placemat at A+R, where it sells for $25. When I clicked through to find out more about it, I discovered that its creator, Sarah Finn, has a whole line of similarly delicate and beautiful lasercut wood products, which I immediately fell for as well.

Working in a converted farmhouse near the Alps, the German architect uses lasers to render highly detailed computer-generated patterns in maple, mahogany, and cherry veneers. The results are breathtaking and ethereal, but also have a sense of organic earthiness to them.

A selection of Finn's products (available in the U.S. through A+R):

Candle Holder, $56

Coasters, $40 for eight

"Coral" Coasters, $34 for four

Napkin Rings, $22 for six

Olion Table Light, $260

Find out more about the designer and her lovely lasercut creations here.

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