Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Reads: "An Imagined Life"

Don't get me wrong -- blogging is a blast. But if you post every day (on top of having a "real" job or other responsibilities that tend to fill the better part of your waking hours), it can sometimes be a bit of a grind, too. It's all too easy to fall into a quick and businesslike "Look at this: It's cool" blogging style. I'm guilty of it myself.

That's why I especially admire other design bloggers who take the time and invest the blood, sweat, and tears to craft prose that's funny, clever, and surprising.

Right now I'm just loving the "An Imagined Life" posts from Apartment Therapy: Chicago's new contributor, Jessica (aka Cardboard, who moonlights on the great Design Boner blog as well).

Jessica takes a vintage item found at a thrift shop or antiques store and tells its story as she imagines it -- where the piece came from, who its previous owners were, and what it might say to you if you stumbled upon it in some dusty shop corner.

In Jessica's able hands, these furnishings not only have personality, they have dialogue.

Check out "An Imagined Life" here and here.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the great write-up, Leah! I'm glad that you, as a fellow writer/blogger, appreciated my efforts. It makes me want to get out and find more talkative furniture.


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