Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Ginger Jar Lamps

Go ahead, call me a "lamp tramp." I won't deny it.

Case in point: I started salivating the second I saw these vintage ceramic ginger jar lamps. The deep turquoise color is amazing, and I love their glamorous form and crackled glaze.

I think I must have them.

Current bid: $153.


Ten Thousand Only said...

i always drool over your 'ebay find of the day' items. like, i want to buy everything you find. esPEcially the really good $$ deals. i've never bought anything off ebay; could you give me some tips on how to find the things you find? there's too much junk to wade through...

Leah said...

Hi Ten Thousand Only,

I wrote a whole article on how to shop eBay for HGTV.com.

You can find it here:


Happy bidding!



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