Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Etsy Find of the Day: BirdNerd Prints

Let's face it: You can't swing a stick on Etsy these days without hitting dozens of bird prints, each one more twee than the next. Somehow, though, Etsy seller BirdNerd's work stands apart from the flock (sorry, I couldn't resist ... ).

Sweet without being saccharine, witty, graphic, and vibrantly colorful, the Bay Area artist's collages are inspired by Art Nouveau forms, Eastern motifs, and of course her beloved birds, which she says have fascinated her since childhood.

Starting with a painted background, BirdNerd then layers on leaves and foliage shapes cut from wallpaper, origami, and other materials before adding birds created from layers of paper finished with ink and paint accents.

The best thing? At just $15 each, you can afford to buy several of BirdNerd's 8-by-10-inch archival prints to frame and hang as a series. (And for $80 to $135, you can snag an original.)

I found it impossible to choose just one print to feature, so here's a sampling of my BirdNerd favorites. Enjoy!


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