Friday, June 15, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Vintage Suzani

You can't crack a design magazine these days, it seems, without seeing a Suzani -- usually draped oh-so-casually at the foot of a guest-room bed in the Hamptons summer home of a fashion designer or minor European aristocrat whose monthly interest income probably surpasses your annual salary. (They picked up the hand-embroidered silk textile years ago while on a Vogue photo shoot in the wilds of Uzbekistan, darling.)

If your trust fund doesn't allow for such international jaunts, consider turning (as I always do) to eBay. On any given day, you can find dozens of Uzbek merchants selling the traditional Persian ceremonial cloths on the site -- the vast majority for a mere fraction of the cost of a plane ticket to Tashkent.

This Suzani caught my eye with its striking red-and-black hues and graphic markings. It's a nice size (60 inches square) and would bring a bold shot of pattern, a rich dose of color, and a hint of moneyed bohemian flair to your home when employed as a bed coverlet, draped over the back of a couch, or used as upholstery for a chair or bench.

Current bid: $24.

(Note: When dealing with international sellers on eBay -- domestic ones, too, for that matter -- always check their feedback rating before bidding. Don't deal with anyone who doesn't have a well-established record on eBay and a history of satisfied buyers. Hint: If their rating is lower than your body temperature, don't bid. The vendor selling the Suzani above, for instance, has a positive-feedback rating of 99.8%.)


Anonymous said...

I've seen this one as well. I just love suzanis even though they are becoming more commonplace. They are just so graphic and beautiful.

Sophie said...

ahh i just stumbled across suzani and love it

look at my blog post about them


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