Monday, March 3, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Otomi Textiles

I wrote a few weeks ago about Jacaranda Home's collection of vibrant Otomi fabrics -- and have since discovered that you can find the unusual and colorful bedspreads, table runners, and other textiles from Hidalgo, Mexico's Otomi Indians on eBay as well.

The Mexican Textiles Museum Store is an eBay shop devoted to all things Otomi -- and an offshoot of the Mexican Indigenous Textile Documentation Project, an independent effort "to preserve the endangered textile memory of Mexico" and to help sustain the Otomi women's collective that embroiders these fabrics.

Each handcrafted cotton muslin piece takes weeks for the women to assemble, and the designs are said to be based on ancient cliff paintings from the Tepehua-Otomi Mountains in the area. At top: Multicolored queen bedspread, 75 by 74 inches, "Buy it Now" for $250 or make your best offer (a relatively new eBay feature that allows you to haggle with sellers)

Coral Queen Bedspread, 76 by 73 inches, $250 or best offer

Yellow Queen Bedspread, 71 by 74 inches, $250 or best offer

Blue Table Runner, 17 by 70 inches, $75 or best offer

Pink Wall Hanging, which can also be made into a pillow cover or used to upholster a chair cushion or a footstool, 35 by 28 inches, $80 or best offer

See all of the Otomi textiles in eBay's Mexican Textiles Museum Store.


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic resource, Thank you!

Unknown said...

I was just in Mexico and fell in love with these blankets yet thought the lady was overcharging for $250. They are nice, but not that nice!

Anonymous said...

If you were at a mall or a "fancy" store...yes that is kind of expensive should try at a "mercado" (market) or with the original craftsman or the ladies that actually make that work it takes them days to do one piece...and please appreciate their work.

cory said...

I guess you have to decide if 3 months work is worth $250 or not. This is why the indigenous crafts are dying out.


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