Monday, March 17, 2008

Cool Tool: ByeByeList

How long do you think before Craig shuts this down, like he did ListPic?

Enjoy it while you can, people!

(Spotted via a comment on decor8's post on crgslst, another cool craigslist hack that lets you search for items in multiple cities.)


Decorno said...

Ohhhhhh, I sooo miss listpic. You know, screw Craig. He said it was a "drain" on their servers so he shut them down but didn't build anything to replace it.

I am tired of his smug "I won't sell out" attitude. Sell out a little and make your backward little site work a little better, Craig.

(Ok. Rant over. Thanks for posting this excellent alternative...)

Anonymous said...

seriously amazing tool...I instantly found the vintage metal patio chairs we've been questing for over a year.
You are my new hero.


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