Thursday, March 6, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Vintage Demijohn

How psyched are you for spring? I am so psyched. I want to fill the house with blooming branches to herald the coming season.

Wouldn't this be the perfect vessel for those gorgeous forsythia or quince blossoms? The vintage green-glass demijohn bottle, originally used for fermenting wine, measures an impressive 25.5 inches tall and 56 inches in circumference and has presence in spades.

Fill it with spring-blooming branches for forcing -- as shown here on Habitually Chic -- and use it as a dramatic centerpiece, set it on a console table in front of a large mirror for an elegant vignette, or place it on the floor next to the fireplace or in an empty corner and buy the tallest branches you can for a striking vertical focal point.

Current bid: $50

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know, I saw something similar (really big!) at TJ's or Marshall's recently---in case the ebay price is too high or you lose the auction. Lovely!


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