Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cool Stuff: Colorful Circle Lamps at Wards

Fun and funky lamps from Monkey Ward. (Who knew?)

They're $50 each right here.


joanna said...

And who knew Monkey Wards was still kickin'? All the stores in Portland closed around 7-8 years ago. In their last few years of operation, that place was so depressing, I wanted to kill myself everytime I went there (which, mercifully, wasn't often).

But...I'd gladly have ventured in for one of those excellent circle lamps.

Anonymous said...

I second Joanna's comment — I live in Minnesota, and I'm sure it's probably been 20+ years (oh my lord, how did I get this old??) since there have been Montogomery Wards around these parts. I had no idea the company still exists!


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