Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mark Your Calendar: Califoregon at Office

Yet another art show in Portland I wish I could see: Jill Bliss and Brittany Kate Powell's Califoregon at Office in the Alberta Arts District. The collaborative show features mixed-media shadowboxes with two- and three-dimensional vignettes illustrating the iconography of both California, from which transplanted Portlander Bliss hails, and Powell's home state of Oregon.

If you're in PDX, be sure to check out Califoregon, which opens at Office tonight, Thursday, March 27, and runs through April 26. (And while you're in the neighborhood, pop in to the Together Gallery down the street to see The Color of Nature, another Jill Bliss collaborative show -- this one with Amy Ruppel and Seth Neefus -- also opening this evening.)

If you're elsewhere, you can view and buy Bliss and Powell's shadowboxes via the Office website. Prices for the original works start at $250.


Anonymous said...

Found your site on digital point forums.

Cool post.

devinemom said...

thanks for the heads up. I will have to get down there soon.
[just found your site via. shelterrific]

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah,
I checked out the art at Office the other night. Thanks for letting me know, from 1,000 miles away, about the show 4 blocks from my very home. It was great - but not quite as awesome as my friend's coffee shop re-opening party a few blocks down, but only'cuz they were handing out free sangria, mini Irish coffees and pork pie. That's what I said: Pork Pie. Pie filled with pork..livin' large in Portland!

Leah said...






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