Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cool Stuff: Felt at Lotus Bleu

Despite the sunny skies and warm temperatures we're enjoying here in Northern California, my autumnal obsession with the deliciously soft and cozy textiles made from felted wool is still going strong ...

Luckily, San Francisco's Lotus Bleu has just come into a lovely collection of felted pillows, rugs, and other home accessories in gorgeously vibrant spring shades. The handmade, fair-trade, vegetable-dyed textiles come courtesy of Muskhane, a small concern founded by a French couple living and working in Kathmandu, Nepal. Muskhane uses the natural fibers and traditional weaving techniques employed in the remote Himalayas, but "brings a modern, graphic approach to these age-old crafts."

Take a look at the results:

Quilted felt baskets, $55 to $85

Decorative felt balls, $26

Felt hot pads and coasters, $16 to $18

Felt pillows, $78

Long felt runners, $285

Round felt rugs, $100 to $175

Check out all of the great French-Asian fusion designs at Lotus Bleu.

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