Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Mary Quant Dining Set

Now, before you go and get all excited, please note that this is doll furniture. Then again, maybe that's why you're excited.

In that case, here are the details: The tiny, vintage Saarinen-style table and chair set was designed by Sixties British fashion icon Mary Quant to furnish her Daisy doll's swinging Chelsea pad.

Imagine Daisy taking her tea here before shimmying into a groovy day-glo minidress, hitting the shops on Carnaby Street, and going for a Vespa ride with a bloke named Trevor. Yeah, baby!

Current bid: $14.50.


Sara Christine said...

I was just at Design Within Reach and they had a bunch of miniature chairs on display, but I wasn't sure if they were for sale. I love the idea of displaying a collection of your favorite chair designs in miniature. Ebay might be the place to look!

Leah said...

Sara Christine --

Absolutely! Check out the eBay seller I blogged here:




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