Friday, March 21, 2008

Design Dilemma: What Sconces Will Work With a George Nelson Pendant Light?

Just to change things up a little, I'm sharing my own design dilemma today.

Here goes: As I mentioned when I showed off our bedroom revamp awhile back, I want to switch out our 1930s art deco light fixture (shown in the photo at top) for something a bit cleaner and more modern. I have my heart set on a George Nelson pendant -- either the Criss Cross, above, or the classic Saucer Lamp, below.

My question: Since our bedroom also has two wall sconces, I need to find a pair of hardwired wall lights that will work with a Nelson pendant. And because the sconces are only a few feet apart over our bed, they need to be relatively small and not stick out too far from the wall.

For this reason (and also because I don't want to be totally matchy-matchy), the rather large George Nelson cigar sconces, above, won't work.

There are mirrored and mercury glass accents around the room, so I'm looking for sconces with a chrome or nickel (vs. bronze or brass) finish to coordinate.

Any suggestions? If so, please post a comment here (with links, if at all possible) and let me know.

Thanks so much!

(P.S. Have a design dilemma of your own? Send it in, along with a photo or two, and I'll put it up here for a communal brainstorming session.)


Hillary said...

Loving the first George Nelson pendant. Have you checked out They are in Portland on the east side just across from downtown.
Some of my favorite wall sconces were Echo, Vernonia, and LaGrande.
Happy hunting!

deerseason87 said...

If I were you, I'd take them down, patch over the wall, and get a couple of great MCM table lamps for your nightstands.

Anonymous said...

i would get two tiny Tolomeo Wall Spots on either side of the bed. if you can wait until december, there's a lighting store in SF that always gives 1 away if your order is $250. otherwise, you can get them online everywhere.

Judy said...

Are you going to be ebaying your current light fixture? I LOVE it!

Katie said...,12,sconandsurmo-20

Katie said...

Design Sponge did a sconce roundup a while back.
with some great options, it all depends on your personal style ...

Leah said...

Thanks all! Keep those tips comin' ...

Judy, I'm not sure if I'll sell the chandelier and matching sconces or not. I spent a lot of time, effort, and money a few years ago amassing a collection of vintage deco light fixtures for our 1930s house, and though my tastes are evolving I may not be quite ready to permanently let it go.

Plus, Nick's "decorating ADD" is far less acute than my own, and he's fighting me tooth and nail on taking the bedroom fixtures down. So I may need to appease him by promising that we'll just store them away for awhile ... (Men!)



Anonymous said...

With the beautiful chocolate brown wall and the round mirrored decoration on the wall I think something in crystal would look really nice....

May be you should thinking of hanging two beautiful small sized chandeliers on either side....

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah,

I like reading your blog & I hope I can offer some assistance with finding a modern that might fit your needs is the Claire Wall Sconce by Leucos. You can see it here:

Leucos Website

It's a simple sconce designed by Danilo De Rossi, that mounts directly to a standard 4" junction box. It has a polished chrome finish with the glass in a Satin White that would somewhat match a George Nelson Pendant.

Good luck with your search,


Anonymous said...

What is the name of that paint color on the walls?? It's so gorgeous.

Jane Flanagan said...

I like the following. The Nelson is such a showpiece I don't think you need a sconce that is over-the-top.

The Ziyi from Cira (in a number of finishes):

The BL7 from Bestlite:

If it's a swing arm you want, try Vaughan:

The Metropolitan from Urban Archaeology:

Can't wait to see the final choice!

Leah said...

Hmmm ... there's also this one:


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