Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cool Stuff: Transylvanian Images

I'm in a "natural" mood lately, and want to surround myself with lots of unbleached linen and other organic fabrics. So I'm digging these handmade linen, hemp, and cotton textiles from Transylvanian Images.

The Modesto, California-based fair-trade company run by Cara Spinelli and Zsuzsanna Sipos contracts directly with women in small villages in Romania to create naturally lovely table and bath linens, pillows, and other products. The items are made from vintage textiles hand-spun and -loomed from pesticide-free fibers grown on family farms.

According to Spinelli and Sipos, their mission "is to help preserve the weaving and embroidery traditions of women in Transylvania," while also allowing these skilled craftswomen to earn a fair wage and help support their families without leaving home.

Some of Transylvanian Images' products:

Vintage cotton and hemp Striped Dish Towels, $29 each, and vintage linen and cotton Handwoven Napkins, $12 each from GRDN

Linen Table Runner, $60 at Ochre

Linen and cotton Embroidered Pillow and Striped Pillow, $98 each from Branch Home

Hemp Shower Curtain, $116 at Bluehouse

Hemp and cotton Scrubby Wash Mitt, $6 from Branch Home

See more of Transylvanian Images' wonderful textile collection right here.


Anonymous said...

wow, neat thanks for the find!

Topsy Turvy said...

Oooh, great finds. I love! Lana

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah.
How did you find us? The first square image on this page is off of our website We just love everything about this textile collection. We've had custom bed covers made which are fantastic! What a beautiful way to go Green!

Thanks, Leah!
Good to know this company is getting the praise they deserve!


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