Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cool Stuff: d°light Huggable Pillows

File this one under "weird, but kind of cool": d°light Huggables are ambient LED lights that you can actually, umm, snuggle with.

Says creator Diana Lin, "The rays of the sun represent warmth, happiness, and life itself. The concept was to create a light that captures the essence of sunlight, condensed into something tactile and personal. I wanted people to be able to embrace the essence of the sun in their arms."

LED bulbs are embedded in silicone bubbles, which "mimic the feeling of a living entity" and absorb body heat, making the pillows warm to the touch. The furry, battery operated, 12.5-by-12.5-inch cushions will stay lit for up to four hours before beginning to dim. I image these would be helpful for people plagued by the winter blues, and they'd be fun for a party, too.

The embraceable lights are $160 each right here.

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