Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Hannah Stouffer

San Francisco illustrator Hannah Stouffer (aka Etsy seller grandarray) creates images of startling complexity -- both in execution and subject matter.

Coiled vipers seem poised to strike, military tanks roll through a surreal landscape of fantastical creatures, and souped-up hotrods share space with lolling pinup girls -- all amid a dizzying array of feminine swirls, baroque flourishes, and eye-popping colors. Above: Welcome to Pantera, $30.

Stouffer exhibits at a galleries up and down the West Coast (she's taking part in the current Alice: Art from the Rabbit Hole group show at Portland's Compound Gallery, and has upcoming solo shows at DDR Projects in Long Beach and Lower Hater in San Francisco). You've also likely spotted some of her commercial work for the likes of Coca-Cola, Secret, and Dell in magazines and on billboards across the country.

Limited-edition Avenger African Safari poster, $30

Limited-edition Pinstripe Flourish poster, $20

Limited-edition Out for Blood poster, $25

In addition to her Etsy prints, Stouffer has screenprinted some of her designs onto 14-by-14-inch throw pillows: Feathers and Rising, both $35.

Check out all of the goods in Stouffer's Etsy shop right here -- and see more of her work here.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! I am seriously considering the "Welcome to Pantera" poster...everything about it is awesome.

Andrea Eames said...

Wow, these are incredible.

chiefbroad said...

Great find! I just bought Pinstripe Flourish as a Springtime gift to myself.

Unknown said...

Wow! I love the colors in Pinstripe Flourish!

Travels With George by Olga Vannucci said...

I love these, I especially like the safari one and also the pillows are very cool.

Anonymous said...

Love her work! My fiance gave me the Rising pillow for Christmas, which he bought at Mignonne in Oakland.--CasaSugar


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