Thursday, March 20, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Umber Dove Textiles

I'm such a sucker for pretty pillows -- and I love that there's such a variety of great designs on Etsy. (After all, why would you buy a throw cushion from a catalog or a chain store when there are so many handmade, truly unique, and often quite affordable textiles to choose from instead?)

My latest cushion crush is on Etsy seller Umber Dove, who screenprints and embroiders all of her designs by hand before assembling the pieces of fabric into collage-like pillow covers, such as A Grove in Green, $36, above.

The beautiful results:

When the Leaves Reminisce, $36

Dreaming of Dogwoods, $47

I love this gorgeous What Growth May Come wall hanging or table runner, $145, too.

Visit Umber Dove's Etsy shop right here.


UmberDove said...

Oh man, it's lovely to see my pieces on your blog - thanks so much! I've been busy in the studio with some new images to silkscreen, so there will be new designs very shortly!

candacemorris said...

cheers to this blog. i love umberdove's stuff and her (i am also her good friend), and it's selling like hotcakes. thanks for supporting handmade!

Anonymous said...

you have such good taste! you're right... umber dove creates the perfect marriage between color and design. i love her keen eye for that.


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