Monday, March 3, 2008

Cool Stuff: Michelle Brand Eco Lighting

Image courtesy of Inhabitat

Michelle Brand's ingenious creations are the very definition of "trash to treasure": The Manchester, England eco-designer repurposes the bottoms of discarded plastic soda bottles to create breathtakingly beautiful and ethereal light fixtures, ambient lighting, window screens, and room dividers.

Take a look:

Cascade light fixtures, $3,250 for a 6-foot fixture and $7,600 for a 14-foot fixture; custom sizes available as well

Blossom LED ambient lighting

Image courtesy of Inhabitat

Flowerfall window screen or room dividers, $350 per square foot

For purchasing info, contact Brand's U.S. rep, Lisa Fontanarosa.

Or, since the basic concept for the designs is strikingly simple -- and most of the materials are readily available via your kitchen recycling bin and neighborhood hardware store -- I smell a DIY coming on ...

(Via Sparkle Thots.)


Miss Rumphius said...

Oh that's brilliant. It looks like she uses a clothing tag ticker for connecting the pieces, which would be a million times easier than punching individual holes and threading the bottoms with fishing line...

please sir said...

Olivia - I think you are right about the clothing tag ticker - such a smart idea. Plus, it would help to evenly space the bottles. These are great pieces of art - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing (the DIY thing).

Wonder where I can buy the tag puncher...

I think the lights are so elegant.


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