Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cool Stuff: Patterned Shades from Lamps Plus (Yes, Lamps Plus)

I know what you're thinking: Lamps Plus?

And I want it to be known that I'm not normally a Lamps Plus kind of gal -- I find most of their offerings alarmingly banal, and a few of them downright tacky. Plus, I generally try to avoid the sort of generic strip malls where one might stumble upon a Lamps Plus emporium.

But I was Googling "patterned drum shade" the other day -- don't ask me why; this is just the sort of thing that I do. And up popped the shade above (Harris Marcus Blue Flower Shade, $60) -- which, I have to admit, is pretty darn stylin'.

Intrigued, I clicked through to take a look, and then surfed around a bit to see what other surprises might lay in store in the long-underappreciated Lamps Plus lighting empire. There was a whole lotta fuglyness, to be sure -- but I also found these:

Cherry Blossoms Opaque Giclee Shade, $60

Harris Marcus Leaf Shade, $55

Harris Marcus Blue Leaf Shade, $60

And yes, once again -- these are from Lamps Plus. Go figure.

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lindsey said...

lovely stuff. thanks for finding and posting.


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