Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cool Stuff: New at Tonic Living

Speaking of fabric art and Tonic Living, I was just perusing the Toronto-based fabric site's new offerings, and found a lot to love.

With textile designs from the likes of Alexander Henry, Michael Miller, and Robert Kaufman, Tonic Living's selection is unabashedly colorful, graphic, and fun. And I really appreciate the complementary fabric suggestions that pop up along with each fabric closeup -- it makes mixing and matching colors and patterns that much easier.

A look at some of Tonic Living's new stuff:

Feeling Groovy in Orchid, $9 per yard (all prices are in U.S. dollars)

Bird Seed in Aqua, $9 per yard

Bird Seed in Pink, $9 per yard

Smitten Kitten in Black, $9 per yard

Nakira Garden in Red, $9 per yard

Tiffany in Raisin, $1 per yard

Mirth, $10 per yard

Who's Who in Lemon, $9 per yard

Kleo in Chocolate, $9 per yard

Fauna in Azure, $9 per yard

Man, now I really wish I could sew ...

(By the way, if you're needle-and-thread challenged like me, be sure to check out the textile retailer's ready-sewn -- and really reasonably priced -- throw pillows, like the 16-by-16-inch Carnival Bloom at right, $20.)

See the entire collection right here. (Psst: You can snag some even sweeter deals in Tonic Living's eBay Store.)


Brandi said...

I have to say that I love your blog title picture - soo lovely!

cardboard said...

That Tiffany pattern is nice (as is the Raisin color scheme). I would love to see patio furniture covered in the Nakira Garden! Or maybe just pillows for the patio that one could bring inside when it rains. said...

Those pillows & fabric are awesome! Thanks for the post!

Louryne said...

I love this company! I have been thinking about buying the Tiffany Blue art nouveau fabric for a few weeks now. I was sent the link to your blog today and I definitely bought the fabric than read below about the ebay store. I'm so mad! I wrote them an email in hopes of getting the better cost through ebay. Because the shipping is a whole $10.00 cheaper. If not, I am canceling my transaction then re-buying it through ebay. Thanks for the tip!


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