Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cool Stuff: White Metal Furniture

London's Graham & Green always has the best stuff.

But let me back up: Kate over at Girl Meets Glamour was debating dining chairs yesterday, and I clicked through to the G&G site to get a closer look at one of her contenders, an embossed white metal ram's head chair from India (above, 195 pounds -- about $390).

Lo and behold, Graham & Green has an entire collection of these beautiful embossed pieces, which somehow manage to meld lush exoticism with refined glamour.

Check it out:

Coffee Table, 360 pounds ($720)

Chest of Drawers, 835 pounds ($1,670)

Console Table, 352 pounds ($704)

Cupboard, 495 pounds ($990)

You can see the rest of the collection here.

Alas, that cursed pounds-to-dollars conversion rate plus shipping from the UK make these a bit too "spendy" for me -- anyone know a good source for this kind of furniture in the U.S.? (I did a quick search, but came up with zilch.)

If so, please let me know!


Janet said...

Wisteria carries a few of these pieces. They are a company out of Dallas and have some neat things. Their web address is

Leah said...

Hi Janet,

Oooh -- I love Wisteria! I'm off there now ...



Brandi said...

Those pieces are fantastic!! Completely out of my price range, but definitely going on my list for the house I'm going to buy when I win the lottery. :)

Global Art Interiors said...

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Anonymous said...


I know the post I am emailing about is a few years old now, but I was researching a chest of drawers I bought today. It is a narrow one and tall otherwise just like the Graham & Green one. It even has the same glass knobs.
I was trying to find out if the 200$ I paid at Home Goods was smart. I am thinking so although I found not much else googling. Now I need to go back for more parts of the set I was eyeing.

So, this is a heads up that these are out there at a reasonable cost. The one I bought was biggest and most pricey. There were vanity type mirrors and a smaller cabinet around 140, I think. I hope I can scrape together an unexpected bit of money to go back and also check another location :)



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