Monday, August 20, 2007

Cool Stuff: Duffy London

Damn those Brits for making such cool stuff -- and the dollar for being so weak that I can't afford any of it.

Still, I can at least ogle the wares from across the pond, like these offerings from Duffy London:

Blossom Glo-Canvas (a photographic image printed on canvas and stretched around a frame, then lit from behind with built-in, ultra-thin fluorescent tubes), 235 to 315 pounds sterling (about $470 to $630), depending on size

Framed Chandelier Glo-Canvas, 195 to 235 pounds ($390 to $470)

Humm Glo-Canvas, 195 to 235 pounds ($390 to $470)

Mothmass Drum Shades, 55 to 120 pounds ($110 to $240)

'70s Gun Wallpaper, 45 pounds ($90) per metre

Folding Screen, 475 to 595 pounds ($950 to $1,190)

Duffy London offers more than 50 different stock images, which can be applied to any of the company's products -- or you can supply your own digital image for a totally bespoke creation.

Click here to see the entire range of products and image options.

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