Tuesday, July 17, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Teak Credenza

If we hadn't finally snagged our long-sought Danish credenza recently, I'd be seriously tempted to bid on this one.

Super-long (almost 90 inches!) and low, this circa-1960 teak credenza is a real beauty. And I love those sexy legs.

Current bid: $355. (No, it's not cheap -- but this is a seriously collectible, covetable piece of furniture.)


ChiGirl said...

Oh that one is so nice. I've been looking for a Danish teak dresser, and keep seeing the credenzas on Chicago craigslist mixed up with the dressers. Just checked out the one you have too and think it's great! and looks good with the shelf above too.

Jean25NYC said...

That is gorgeous. I am in your footsteps as we are starting to more seriously furnish our apt (NYC). We are considering a low media credenza from Boconcept but I am now looking at these type of mid-century ones--so much more character and better quality! Do you have recommendations for search words? "teak credenza"? (this is how I found your post!) Any others?


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