Friday, July 13, 2007

Cool Stuff: Wunderwurks Design

I spotted some Wunderwurks products at San Francisco's Propeller the other day, and was instantly captivated.

Industrial designer Tony Wurman's luminescent lamps and colorful vessels look like they're crafted from spun ribbon candy, but they're actually handmade with thin layers of nontoxic hot glue. The effect is striking and a little bit strange -- but wonderfully so.

These babies do not come cheap, but I think they're definitely worthy of the Lust List. My favorites:

Jupiter Lamp, $370

Herring Lamp, $680

Hula-Hula Lamp, $680

Criss-Cross Clock, $156

Everything Vessel, $436

IO Vertical Vases, $336 each

Ribbon Bowl, $536

You can find the complete line of Wunderwurks products here.


Cardboard said...

The Hula-Hula lamp is HUBBA HUBBA! These are all pretty amazing!

Unknown said...

Lovely lamps..I bet they are beautiful when lit up.


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