Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool Stuff: Poufs That Are Rad

My friend Anne wrote me the other day, mourning a find that got away. She'd spotted a "gorgeous little Moroccan red leather pouf" at a garage sale. They wanted $20; she tried to haggle them down to $10, with no luck. She left, then thought better of her decision and went back. The pouf was, of course, gone. Now she can't stop "picturing its perkiness everywhere" around her house.

In an effort to cheer Anne up, I went hunting for another little pouf that she could fall in love with. I didn't find anything for $10, or even $20, but I did find a surprising number of poufs in cheerfully bright hues -- none of that hippyish brown or burnt sienna leather for my mod-loving friend -- and at fairly reasonable prices.

Anne, do any of these strike your fancy?

Turquoise pouf from Tazi Designs, $120

Tazi fuchsia and tan pouf, $85

Tazi white pouf with red embroidery, $185

Tazi fuchsia pouf with gold embroidery, $120

Tazi orange pouf with red embroidery, $120

Tazi pink pouf, $120

Green and white pouf from Living Morocco, $175


Anonymous said...

I purchased a pouf a while back, but can't find a proper insert for it. The seller suggested I stuff it w/old clothes as Moroccans do, but it's very uncomfortable. Can anyone help me find a sturdy pouf insert?

Kind thanks.

Leah said...

I'm guessing you could probably get a giant bag of bean-bag pellets or pilow stuffing at Michaels or any similar crafts store.

Anyone out there have ideas for a more eco-friendly pouf-stuffing option?


Anonymous said...

Target has some new faux-leather poufs for sale online only... $39.99...

Unknown said...

We got ours in Morrocco and they told us to stuff our pouf with LOTS of newspaper. It's heavy but solid for sitting.

maxi dress said...

amazing I want these for my living room!


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