Monday, July 9, 2007

Cool Stuff: Roost

This weekend I picked up one of these pretty perching birds at Mignonne (also available for $7 here), and it reminded me how much I love Roost's products.

The Sausalito, California design shop produces handmade items that share a delicate beauty and an organic sensibility that's inspired by the forms, textures, and inhabitants of the natural word.

I wish Roost had an online store with all of its offerings in one place -- but for now, you have to search around a bit to find the company's designs. (That said, Velocity has a pretty good selection, and both VivaTerra and the Well Dressed Home have a few Roost items.)

I've blogged about Roost's porcelain blooms before (sadly, they no longer seem to be available). Here are some of my favorites among Roost's other designs:

Porcelain Bell Lamps, $99 to $187, from Velocity Art and Design

Cebu Sphere Lamps, $363 to $605, from Velocity

Log Votive and Vases, $22 to $106, and Owl, $27, from Velocity

Arbor Votive, $20, from Velocity

Glass Bird Vases, $39 for two, from VivaTerra

Love Nest With Glass Eggs, $42, from VivaTerra

Porcelain Pear Vases, $59 for three, from VivaTerra

Hourglasses, $24 each, from Figments

Nick and Nora Artist's Hand Models, $60 for the set, from the Well Dressed Home

Ice Poppy Bowl, $48, from the Well Dressed Home

These photos were featured on Roost's site, but I wasn't able to track down these products for sale anywhere out there on the Interwebs. (If you know where to find 'em, please let me know!)

Finally, both of these items came up on a search for "Roost" on the Well Dressed Home, and while I'm not 100% positive that they're actually Roost products, they certainly share the same sensibility:
Five-piece Porcelain Mushroom Set, $48

Maple Porcelain Votive and Dish, $14 and $22


katiedid said...

I love Roost products also. DITTO Re: the online store sentiment!

Neutral Dwelling said...

I just found your blog- I'm new to the blog world :) I wanted to let you know that in my new shop, I too carry the Roost line and have the porcelain flower tealight holders available online at


planet82496 said...

We've been carrying Roost for a few years now on our website Their collection is fascinating in depth and detail.

Which porcelain blooms are you interested in? The single blossoms or the wall plaques?

Happy Shopping!

Carolyn Schulz

ashley@decorology said...

Thanks for putting together this round-up! I've been looking for their stuff online!


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