Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cool Stuff: Not Neutral Pierced Lanterns

We still have a month or so of summer (actually, here in the Bay Area, our best weather starts in September) -- and what better way to enjoy it than out on the porch or patio on a balmy evening?

If a warm breeze isn't enough to draw you outside at night, then these gorgeous pierced metal lanterns from Not Neutral surely will. (Not Neutral is the retail arm of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, a Los Angeles-based architectural, interior, and product design firm.)

I love their Morocco-by-way-of-Mexico vibe and the intricate shadows they cast. Ranging from 14 to a dramatic 26 inches tall (and from $50 to $180, including candles), they make quite a statement.

And when an Autumn chill starts to creep into the air? Simply bring them inside, where a group of the lanterns clustered in a fireplace or on an entry table will look incredible, too.

Also available in persimmon and white right here.


girl meets glamour said...

These are fantastic and perfect for a Moroccan outdoor bar design I'm working on!!! So glad you posted this Leah :)


corine said...

Thank you for finding those. It's a simple enough idea but realized gorgeously.


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