Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Objects of Lust: Felted Wool Blankets

Remember that felted wool blanket my friend Catherine was making that I went on and on about the other day?

Well, it was pretty much exactly like this.

Or maybe this.

This one has its charms, too.

And this one, I could definitely develop an intimate relationship with.

At between $325 and $350 each from Sweetfeltgoods, these aren't cheap -- but I have no doubt they're worth every penny.

Still, I think I might be better off hitting the sweater rack at my local Goodwill Store, making a date with our washer and dryer, and then spending a day with my grandma and her vintage sewing machine, stitching together all the fuzzy squares cut from the felted sweaters to create something totally unique and homemade.

Maybe this whole crafting thing is kind of fun, after all ...

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Denise Kiggan said...

I have a small collection of beautiful vintage knitted jerseys. This is inspiring me! I think I need to get to work!


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