Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Object of Lust: Walnut and Chrome Desk

Nick and I have been on the hunt for a diminutive desk to tuck into a corner of our dining room.

We'll set up the laptop with that wireless connection Nick has been promising me forever (hint, hint, honey ... ), and it'll be a place for the kids to use the computer under our watchful eye and for me to be able to hang out with the family while I work, rather than always being stuck in my basement office.

Anyway, I've been leaning toward West Elm's petite white lacquer Parsons desk, above ($299). But then this morning, while I was sipping my coffee and just soaking in all the beauty on the U.K.'s Graham & Green site, I spotted this baby:

My pulse instantly quickened as I registered the beautifully grained walnut-veneer top and the uber-glam chrome legs. It's perfect -- so sleek and sophisticated, so not "office-y," so ... unattainable.

At 330 pounds (about $660), it's not obscenely priced for something that I think I'd hang onto forever. But given that shipping within the U.K. runs as much as $520, I shudder to think what international shipping might amount to. I did a little Internet sleuthing and discovered that the manufacturer is also based in the U.K., which unfortunately seems to be the extent of their distribution.

Then, remembering that Williams Sonoma Home has some pieces with a similar vibe, I clicked on over there, where I discovered the similarly swanky Monroe desk, above. Sadly, though, at $2,200, it's even more out of our price range than the desk from Graham & Green.

Does anyone know where I might find the Graham & Green desk -- or something similar -- in the U.S., for less than a king's ransom?

If so, please let me know -- because I am in love.


Mandy Lou said...

Oooohhhh, it is a bit expensive compared to the West Elm, but it is fab! Have you checked CB2?

erinn said...

can't help with the G&G desk (it is luuuvvly, though), but I can say that I just say the west elm desk in the flesh (at a client's house) and was quite impressed. I am considering it for our house now.

Unknown said...

The British need to stop making all that gorgeous stuff that I just can't have!
I've been on the hunt for a very small desk (max. 40in width) and let me tell you it's not going well. I think I'm just going to have a thick piece of plywood cut, paint it, and attach some legs.

Anonymous said...

This may still not be in your price range, but it's cheaper than $2000:

Not featured in the pic, but it does come in walnut.

Leah said...

Thanks, Camille -- the R&B desk is a great alternative!



Anonymous said...

What about the Loop Desk from Crate& Barrel.? It's not as nice as the ones you were looking at but about the right size. I just bought and am having to return for a non-defective one. I'm hoping it was a fluke. I don't love love the drawer pulls but i'll deal with that later. I also looked at the west elm ones you posted, but have had issues with their furniture in the past. Also, along your walnut theme, if you budget allows, check out the Kyoto desk from Crate & Barrel. Really pretty, but about $1,000.

His Decemberist said...

I've been in love with West Elm's Parsons desk since I laid my eyes on it last year. Living in Puerto Rico, I was saddened to learn that their larger furniture does not ship out here. But I splurged (on the shipping) and did purchase the desk, having it "forwarded" to my address from the states. It is now waiting to be assembled while I finish fixing up the room it is destined to adorn. My new dilemma: what's the best chair to compliment the desk? The desk has the black lacquer finish, and the room's avocado-green walls are off set with black-and-white decor.


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